Laika Shamanism

You might have heard from the Laika if you have participated in the Munay Ki. 

The Laika were the Siberian Shamans that brought the knowledge of this heart felt shamanism to the Q'eros in Peru, in order to preserve it. The Munay Ki has planted the seeds again. It is time to bring the full extent of this knowledge, and this way of living, back to people all over the world.

Laika Shamanism offers space for personal choice, but expects that one takes full responsibility for ones actions. As any form of shamanism it is close to mother nature and the elements. However as a Laika Shaman you completely become the animal, stone, plant, tree, river, element. A magical way of performing shamanism.

It is to BE love, interdimentional, close to nature, completely pure, and magic...

If you are interested in the workshops and / or the shaman weekends, please send me a mail at